BaliBali Origin

Hi There,

You might be wondering how the name 'BaliBali' came about...

Before I moved to South Africa, I lived in Israel where the name 'BaliBali' was born. 

It was the early 90s and my partner suggested the name. 


Its meaning for me goes like this...

Bali in Hebrew means: “I want, I fancy”.  

It had a nice ring to it ! 

Bali is also the magical island in Indonisia where I resource my fabrics.

I manufacture 60% of my clothing range from the wonderful Balian clothing manufacturers and source many other lovely items, that you can find online or in one of our two sister stores in Cape Town.

As you travel around the island, you will notice the beautiful Orchid below all over Bali, in abundance, as well as the sweet smelling Frangipani.

As it is, I was needing a logo to depict BaliBali and while searching the internet for images of both these flowers, I came across this picture of an Orchid that looked like  a "Little Prince" standing in the middle of the flower with his arms open wide-open in his "magical robe".  Inspired by the vibrant colours of rose pink, white and gold.

I knew I had to create my logo around this - I just loved its richness and simplicity - the colours together were amazing.

Thus, as it is, we have Bali in Hebrew - and, the "Little Prince" in his magical coat in Bali. I combined the two names - Bali in English and Bali in Hebrew and formed the name of our store BaliBali.

I enjoy sharing this story when people ask about our logo, it reminds me of the creative inspiration of these two cultures. 


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