Bodhi Leaf Incense

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BLUE Avalokitesvara Incense������

Awakens compassion. Contains the fragrance of Eucalyptus and other precious herbal medicinal ingredients which helps Concentration (With One Pointed Attention)

RED Amitayu Buddha Incense

Increases longevity. Contains Nagchampa and other precious herbal medicine ingredients that encourage energy flow.

GREEN Tea Tara Incense
Defeat obstacles. Contains the fragrance of Sandalwood and other precious herbal medicinal ingredients which helps Meditation & Feeling of Tranquility.
Product details:

100% natural, non~toxic and non~addictive,������completely safe for inhalation and the environment
Tibetan Incense hand manufactured based on the Buddhist medicinal system of Tibet.
20 sticks, + 20 cm long


Size Guide

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