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A beautiful set of Platonic solids made out of rose quartz in a wooden box.

To be used during meditation, healing sessions or doing spiritual work with the elements and sacred geometry.

A platonic solid is a 3D shape where each face is the same as a regular polygon and has the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. A regular, convex polyhedron with identical faces made up of congruent convex regular polygons is called a platonic solid. There are 5 different kinds of solids that are named by the number of faces that each solid has. These 5 solids are considered to be associated with the five elements of nature i.e. Earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Plato, who was studying the platonic solids closely, associated each shape with nature. The 5 times of platonic solids are:

  • Tetrahedron (fire)
  • Cube (earth)
  • Octahedron (air)
  • Dodecahedron (spirit)
  • Icosahedron (water)

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