Wind chime - Pentatonic

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This chime has 5 notes but 6 bells. They are tuned to the Pentatonic musical scale – E G A B D. The 6th bell is the E again so that when one hears the chime the scale is bounded by E at the beginning and E at the end.

These chimes incorporate the concept of the 5 Directions (North, South, East, West and Centre) and the 5 Elements:
Earth – Represented by the semi precious stones,
Metal – The aluminium tubing,
Fire – The burnished Tibetan OM script on the wind plate, an ancient symbol, sacred totality of all sounds penetrating and sustaining the universe.
Water – The wood grain which is reminiscent of the concentric growth rings indicating the age and annual rainfall,
Air – Action of wind on the chime.

These chimes produce pure, mellow sounds which are relaxing and peaceful. The crystals also reflect the Chakra colours and light spectrum.

Produced from: Anodised Aluminium Tubing, Oak
Decorated with: Crystal Quartz and Green Aventurine Semi Precious Stones.
Approximate height: 85cm / 34 inches.
Suspension plate diameter: 20.5cm / 8 inches
Tube diameter: 2.5 cm / 0.98 inches


Size Guide

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