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Using Tibetan singing bowls to balance chakras

I'm sure you've heard that singing bowls have the ability to realign chakras and address any chakra imbalances with their sound. 

So, how is this explained and which bowls balance which chakras? We give you a brief explanation in this post so that you are able to better choose the singing bowls that suit you.

How do singing bowls balance chakras?

Each chakra, or energy centre, has a unique vibrational frequency and these frequencies can interact with the vibration frequencies that are created when playing a singing bowl. The sound waves created when one plays a singing bowl interact with the unbalanced chakras causing them to self-correct. 

Which singing bowl is for which chakra?

Each Tibetan singing bowl is tuned into a specific musical note. Here's a summary of which note relates to which chakra:

Name Color Note
Crown Chakra Violet B
Third Eye Chakra Dark Indigo Blue A
Throat Chakra Azure Blue G
Heart Chakra Green F
Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow E
Sacral Chakra Orange D
Root or Base Chakra Red C


Sound is a potent form of energy and sound healing is a form of traditional music therapy to reduce stress, pain, deep relaxation, and develop self-awareness and creativity. 

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