About Us

Hi, my name is Merrissa.

I was born in London UK, where I trained as an interior designer. Having a flair for colour and design, I left the UK to experience the world.

In 1986 I found myself in Bali and just fell in love with the colours, the smells, the fabrics and patterns, the people and in short, JUST EVERYTHING BALI. The colours and textures blew me away. Inspiration led me to open my first BaliBali store in 1994.

BaliBali then moved to Cape Town opening its first store in Hout Bay in 2007. We now produce over 40% of our range here in Cape Town and with every year, a little more. My hope is to inspire both inspiration for your body and soul, bringing the natural beauty and spirit of Bali directly to your home.

 After all, we all deserve a little Bali magic and inspiration.

"Bali was one of the Islands I fell in love with, the smells, colours, vibrant people. I was drawn to the creativity of the Balinese, and the fabrics and textures.  My creative fires were set alight."