Top Full Moon Ritual Ideas

Top Full Moon Ritual Ideas

The full moon is a time of heightened emotion and full moon rituals will help to guide you through this time of letting go, forgiveness and clarity. 

When a full moon arrives, we can expect to feel the sensation of spiritual “shedding” or rather, the clearing-out process that allows you to release old friends, thought patterns, habits, responsibilities, clutter etc. Because full moons are the most illuminated phase of the moon, its celestial glow literally “sheds light” on whatever (or whoever) is no longer aligned with your future, giving you the opportunity to see things more clearly.

Through full moon rituals, we can harness the moment’s energy to release burdens.

So, how can you perform a full moon ritual on your own to help you manifest positive changes in your life? Here are some ideas. 

1. Cleanse your space

An easy way to cleanse your space of negative energy is by smudging. Maybe try white sage - renowned for its healing, benevolent energy, or palo santo - known to remove negative energy. 

2. Cleanse your crystals

Crystals accumulate energy over time and need to be cleansed and charged and the full moon is the perfect time to do this. You can do this by submerging them in water, brown rice, or smudging them with sage. 

3. Light a candle

Shed light on your life while cleansing the energy and preparing your soul for new beginnings.

4. Meditate

Start by finding a comfortable seat and taking a few deep breaths. Concentrate on what the full moon offer - a powerful opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves you. Make peace with what is and align yourself to what you want to accomplish. It's handy to incorporate conscious tools like mala beads, essential oils and incense into your meditation practice.

5. Write it down

Make note of the things that are aligned with your energies and what you need to let go. You might want to read these out loud and then burn them in a candle flame to solidify your intentions. Then write down what you're grateful for and say it out loud. 

6. Pull an oracle card

Pulling an oracle card can help to guide you in the days to come. Each card is accompanied by a clear message and thus requires no prior experience or knowledge. 


Above all, the full moon provides a unique opportunity to sit back and relax, to enjoy the completion energy that it provides. 

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