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Tibetan tingsha chime bells - dark finish

Tibetan tingsha chime bells - dark finish

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Using Tingsha Bells for Meditation

Tingsha Bells can be used in yoga classes, as mentioned before at the beginning or end. The bells can be used at the beginning of class to help students settle in to their mats and to their practice, it can also be used in assisting the flow of the breath. Tinging them one time for the inhale and one time for the exhale.

Clearing Space and Feng Shui

These versatile bells aren’t just used for meditation and yoga practices in western modern times. They can also be used for Feng Shui and clearing space. The purifying tone of these bells are rung in each corner of a room for Feng Shui. They are used for clearing auras and are said to “fill” empty space.

The higher frequencies of these bells are typically used more for opening the upper chakras rather than the lower chakras which usually have a lower deeper tone. 

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