Smudge - Imphepho

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Imphepho is valued by traditional medicine men in Africa who use it as a smudging herb to communicate with ancestors and calm evil spirits. Imphepho is believed to help repel negative energy, and it does the same for insects. Breathing the smoke over time can have a sedating effect. It is the most widely used medicinal plant in South Africa.


The smoke of the herb is used as a sacred incense or smudge used to call the ancestors in and invoke trance states, cleanse energy and as an offering when praying. The smoke is also sedative.

Imphepho also has a lot of traditional medicinal uses. Using Imphepho topically makes sense for its healing properties. Some people say Imphepho is a good herb for those suffering from anxiety, headaches or who need help getting to bed. Imphepho also appears to have oneirogenic acivity, meaning the herb assists with lucid dreaming, dream activity and dream recall.



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