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Sandalwood necklace

Sandalwood necklace

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Sandalwood symbolizes protection, vitality, relaxation, healing, balance and spiritual devotion.


One of the reasons why Sandalwood is considered a symbol of protection is because the inner trunk (heartwood) of this tree has a leathery quality to it and cannot be eaten by termites or other insects. Termites tend to eat the outer layer (sapwood) but the inner layer (heartwood) remains intact. Other than this, sandalwood is also said to have a powerful energy to it that is associated with raising your vibration and offering powerful protection against negative energy.


The wood of this tree is heavy and has a powerful yet calming fragrance to it. Also unlike other aromatic woods that tend to lose their fragrance after a short while, the sandalwood tends to retain its fragrance for decades (even after it has been detached from the tree). This symbolizes vitality, youthfulness and even immortality.

Healing & relaxation

Sandalwood has a deeply healing effect on the mind, body and spirit. The fragrance of this wood has a deeply calming effect on your being and helps activate and align all your base as well as higher energy centers. This is why Sandalwood has been used for meditative and contemplative practices in many cultures across the world since ancient times.

Spiritual devotion

Since ancient times, sandalwood has symbolized spirituality and spiritual devotion. The wood of this tree has been used in prayers and offerings to the divine. The wood has also been used to build temples, statues of deities and other valuable things used in spiritual rituals. The cooling properties of the wood has been said to open the third eye and crown chakras and aid spirituality and connection to higher consciousness, which is why in Hinduism there is a tradition to apply sandalwood paste on the forehead, neck and chest areas.

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